What are the benefits of using construction management software?

Construction projects require intensive organisation, pre-planning, and real-time coordination to ensure that they are successful. To achieve this, many contractors are turning to Construction Management Software for support at all stages of project delivery. A platform, such as Milestone from Cube, comprises a variety of digital tools and modules designed to enhance the performance of construction projects by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Project programming

With a construction management platform, contractors can create project programmes and procurement schedules, track activities, and manage timelines through an intuitive user dashboard. You can keep track of the status of each task, identify any delays or blockages, and even assign and automatically track tasks to specific team members and stakeholders to improve transparency and accountability. This feature helps ensure that your construction projects are completed on time and within budget.

Resource allocation

Construction management software also helps with resource allocation, helping your back-office team and site management track and organise staff and subcontractors, plant, equipment, and materials. This helps ensure the right level of resources for specific tasks and milestones, avoiding over-allocation or under-allocation. You can also monitor the usage of resources through the platform – such as fuel –, identify patterns of use and inefficiencies, and adjust accordingly to improve efficiency and productivity.

Procurement management

Construction management software reduces the time required to manage procurement for your projects, track costs, and make adjustments in real time, avoiding the duplications and errors that can come from relying on spreadsheets and emails. The platform gives you 360° visibility and simplifies the process of effectively managing procurement in line with the programme avoiding the risk of overruns caused by late orders and long lead times. You can generate reports that provide a clear and detailed overview, allowing you to make changes and target efficiencies.

Document management

In construction, keeping track of project documents is essential for compliance, accountability, and good practice. Construction management software gives you cloud-based access to all critical project documents in one place, making it easier for stakeholders to access and share drawings, images and files from wherever they are, using any Internet-enabled device. Through a centralised user dashboard, you can track the progress of each action, get alerts, for example when documents are updated or revised, and give tailored access rights to your team members.


Clear and efficient communication between stakeholders, clients, and supply partners is critical to the success of any construction project. With construction management software, you can streamline your communication processes and channels, avoiding delays and miscommunication, and enabling you to stay connected with your team members, clients, and subcontractors on-site during the day. Through the platform you can share information, updates, and changes instantly, send notifications and alerts, and use messaging or project chat features to discuss project-related issues.

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Construction management software can assist you with every element of project delivery, including programming and procurement, resource allocation, task distribution and management as well as cross-team communication and reporting. Please get in touch today to find out more about our unique construction management platform, Milestone, and how it can support your business to deliver more profitable and cost-effective projects.


Image Source: Pexels