Proactive Process Improvements With Regional Construction Contractor

Established in 1949, RP Tyson Construction Ltd, is an independent, family-run construction firm based in Blackpool. It operates in the private and social housing sectors across the North West region and has built excellent relationships with clients, consultants and subcontractors over the last 80 years.

At a glance:

    • Project: Company-wide process review and implementation
    • Client: Tyson Construction – Residential building contractors
    • Sector(s): Social housing and private housing development

Service(s) Delivered: 

    • Process Improvement
    • Construction Consultancy

Location: North West, UK

Contract duration: 3 months - October 2022 to January 2023

In Brief...

Founded on a philosophy of total quality, it focuses on delivering a professional product based upon quality workmanship, attention to detail and value for money.  In recent years, the Tyson team has doubled its turnover and its internal focused culture had led to some challenges in completing works on programme and missed opportunities for increased profitability. 

Taking a proactive step to review its processes, Tyson approached Cube to undertake an independent operational review from initial enquiry to project completion and aftercare.

The aim was to redefine team roles and responsibilities and provide a process map and other tools for future success. 

Three construction workers sat on building foundations

Learned Legacy

With a number of long standing and loyal employees and a culture which developed its people through internal promotions and the development of apprentices, many senior team members had inherited wide-ranging remits and historical procedures. There was a lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities, accountability and gaps in key processes. 

Almost all staff members had extensive experience of the “Tyson way”, the challenge for Cube was to understand its existing approaches and see what was working well and how new best practices could be integrated to improve individual and company performance. 

Independent Review 

Drawing on 50+ years’ collective construction expertise, Cube was tasked with independently reviewing company wide processes from initial enquiry through pre-construction, to on-site project completion and aftercare. 

Cube needed to identify opportunities to incorporate best practice into the business, without causing disruption to their loyal staff and solid client base.


Active Engagement

Cube carried out multiple interviews with operational staff, undertook project site visits and led workshops with the senior team, encouraging staff feedback by being clear on the benefits for their individual roles and wider company performance.

Workshops with each level within the management structure allowed teams to openly discuss their views on existing working practice and future aspirations. Changes to procedures contributed to the clear definition of roles and responsibilities.

Individual project reviews facilitated open discussion between different disciplines including site management, quantity surveying, project and contracts management. Almost immediately this led to increased awareness of each other’s roles and expectations.

The active engagement with all staff from site, office, senior management and directors enabled Cube to get information and intelligence about both construction projects and processes. These clearly identified areas for operational and process improvement to inform a better way of working. 

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Reflection and Review

Consultations with the team of directors was an open forum to explore and discuss alternative methods of operating, staff competency and company risk profile. There were no snap decisions, senior directors were left to reflect on these discussions and expected to respond with well-considered arguments for the acceptance or development of process change, which would provide clear lines of responsibility and accountability that would help at all levels of management.

Proactive Process Map 

Cube collected all the feedback and developed a fully coordinated process map encompassing all stages of the construction process. The bespoke process map is tailored to Tyson’s existing staff structure and current capabilities.

All staff now have a clear role with responsibilities and accountabilities defined, which are visible to all other team members. The team understand what they need to do and why it is important. With constant consultation, the senior management team has contributed to this process and taken ownership for its successful implementation.


By Working With Cube, The Client Has:

  • Defined companywide best practice processes from project enquiry through the pre-construction, on-site to project completion and aftercare. 
  • Actively engaged with all staff to get their input and buy in to entourage process improvements. 
  • Been clear on the positive benefits for individuals and the wider company. 
  • Developed clear lines of responsibility and accountability, helping all levels of management. 
  • Provided brand resources to impart best working practices. 

What Next For Tyson Construction Ltd?

Tyson is now well placed to minimise risk and continue to grow. Having processes in place will enable them to scale their business whilst building on their excellent reputation and great relationships with clients, consultants and supply chain. 

Mark Johnston, Co-founder and Director at Cube: 

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the Tyson team to proactively improve their processes and implement best practice into all stages of the construction project from initial enquiry right through to project completion and aftercare. Taking a positive, independent 360-degree, practical approach to project delivery, we’ve helped them to define roles and responsibilities, clear reporting lines and actively engage the team to buy into and embed new processes to increase profitability and company performance.”

Jeremy Whittle, Managing Director at Tyson Construction:

“Process planning and implementation with Cube has given us an independent evaluation, with top-level end-to-end oversight of the operational aspects, minimising risk and helping ensure our projects are delivered on time and within budget. Our team now has clear lines of accountability, understand their roles and responsibilities and we are already seeing improvements in individual and company performance.”