Delivering Project and Technical Consultancy To Commercial Scheme

A nationwide multi-disciplinary workplace design consultancy was working with a client on a £5 million central London commercial office development.

At a glance

Project: Construction consultancy for central London office space scheme
Client: Multi-disciplinary workplace design consultancy
Sector(s): Commercial development
Service(s) delivered:
  • Design and project management through client concept through to specialist design
  • Technical design coordination
  • Project management of all stakeholders
  • Clear cost identification (RIBA stages 2 to 4)


Location: Central London
Construction contract value: £5.3 million
Contract duration: 7 months

In brief...

A nationwide multi-disciplinary workplace design consultancy was working with a client on a £5 million central London commercial office development. Having established the initial business case and assembled a project team, they identified a requirement for additional skills and knowledge to support the development of the design and deliver the client concept.

We were appointed to consult on and help coordinate the pre-construction works, to successfully take the project through the major design stages of a RIBA Plan of Work, from concept design through to the start of construction.

"Cube brought an extra layer of construction delivery knowledge and expertise to the project, so that we could match the capabilities of the end client and deliver a project plan everyone was happy with by supporting us with completion of RIBA stage 2 to 4 to the client’s satisfaction."

Tina Batham, Managing Director

Matching the client’s capability

Now at a key design stage with a very savvy client of their own, our client felt that they needed some additional support for the next stages to get the project to start on site.

The end user was a global cost consultancy and project management practice. There were significant challenges in accommodating their needs as a client whilst developing robust design content, clear employer’s requirements and a detailed cost plan.

They came to us as they’d worked with us before and knew Mark had the right experience and knowledge to take on a project of this scale and work with a demanding Project Director.

We were able to support their internal team, providing them with a senior level of construction and project management resource. Their objective was to safeguard the progress of the project by matching their client’s capability.

Managing multiple stakeholders

Our brief was to manage the necessary tasks against the project programme to deliver successful outputs in line with the client expectations and RIBA Stages 2 to 4. This involved the coordination of all stakeholder requirements to formulate a design concept in line with budgetary limits.

We had to quickly establish new working relationships with key team members to define effective roles and responsibilities. We coordinated the specialist design elements, working with the associated specialist consultants and key supply chain partners. The design process was fully evaluated against ongoing client needs, across technical disciplines and priced in detail to create a compliant proposal.

Implementing construction expertise

Mark was able to deliver senior level experience, aware of the design and cost consultancy role but also mindful of the effects and consequences for them as a business.

"We worked with them to reduce the build complexity, advance the specialist technical design to minimise any design coordination problems. We assisted in the design development process, being mindful of employer’s requirements, stakeholder interests and project budget."

Mark Johnston, Director