The Benefits of Employing Construction Consultants for your Projects

A project review is an excellent way of keeping a construction project on track, identifying areas for improvement, highlighting training needs, and avoiding inefficiencies that could result in delays in project overruns.

While some contracting businesses conduct their project reviews in-house, there are several benefits to employing an experienced construction consultant to conduct an in-depth review and project health check on your behalf.

Targeted project review checks to boost efficiency and productivity.

A comprehensive project review, alternatively referred to as a project health check or audit, will minutely analyse every aspect of project delivery on-site and behind the scenes, identifying areas for efficiency and productivity improvements.

The review process will be completely tailored to your project's outcomes and operating requirements and involves assessing the project's progress against the agreed milestones, identifying any risks or issues, and making practical recommendations for improvement. The review typically includes an analysis of the project's scope, timeline, budget, resources, and stakeholders and assessing the project team's performance and effectiveness in meeting their KPIs. Your review will identify areas for specific process improvements, reducing uncertainty and protecting programme and margins by mitigating risk through a positive action plan for implementation.

Avoid setbacks and delays.

Your construction consultant will work with you to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. By carrying out this review regularly throughout the course of a project with the assistance of an experienced construction consultant, it is possible to identify potential problems at an early stage and make the necessary changes to ensure that the project remains on track. Independent reviews of the programme, procurement progress and client communications are also central to this review.

Through their experience in the industry, a consultant will help establish a bespoke improvement plan to avoid delays and setbacks, safeguarding your business’s professional reputation and saving you time and money. The consultant may also be able to advise on practical ways to improve health and well-being, reducing the level of stress within your team, boosting productivity and minimising downtime on site.

A bespoke development and training plan for your team.

Construction consultants are not just on hand to make recommendations but also to help you implement practical changes and investments to improve your project outcomes. This may include real-time site-based training and development, implementing project correction measures, and coaching and mentoring, which is automatically a by-product. The clear definition of roles and responsibilities helps individual employees and the company become more efficient at working together to achieve objectives.

A construction consultant can provide invaluable advice and hands-on support on the best ways to manage and monitor training and development progress, with personalised KPIs for improvement and offering guidance on improving site appearance.

Building construction consultancy services from Cube.

At Cube, we offer a combined construction consultancy solution that can include a full assessment of your strategic needs and project goals and a proactive project process management plan tailored to your business.

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